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The Mellgren Planning Group is a full-service, boutique planning firm. With decades of experience, we provide a wide array of services addressing planning and zoning; urban design; mapping and analysis; comprehensive public participation; and, expert witness testimony.

As professional urban innovators, we are invested in the world around us, the people who live in it, and the places that inspire them. That’s why TMPG is one of Florida’s leading land use and urban design firms known for our extraordinary ability to foster innovation from project creation through implementation.

Urban planning is a social science. As such, our services include a very broad array of plans, studies and analyses.

Our plan preparation work has included traditional comprehensive plans, master plans, corridor plans and redevelopment plans; all supplemented by our significant graphic capabilities and informed by our structured and successful public participation and consensus building programs.

Our studies and analyses have ranged from traditional data analysis, extrapolation and interpretation, to complex analyses and studies that have required us to create methodologies and then apply them; often related to economic impact of singular and unique circumstances. Through our study and analysis work, we have successfully answered unusual questions such as: What is the economic impact of a specific runway expansion project on the general fund revenues of the adjacent local government? What is the economic effect of eliminating traffic concurrency on the redevelopment efforts of a specific city? What is the value of tall sailing ships to the general fund of a specific municipality?

Our capabilities include translating the plans and analyses we prepare into regulatory language, from simple ordinances to very complex codes, including form-based codes. Our code work is also informed by our extensive public participation programs to ensure that the community embraces the final product. We have in-depth experience in crafting understandable, clear, concise and defensible zoning codes and land development regulations.

As very experienced urban planners, we have been successful in providing expert witness testimony. We have defended a number of local governments in planning and zoning matters, including Reasonable Accommodation claims; assisted developers in demonstrating that a proposed project meets all regulations and comprehensive plan policies; and, conversely, represented neighborhoods when a proposed development will have a deleterious effect because it is not consistent with applicable policies and regulations.

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Expert Witness

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