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Project News

The Mellgren Group Provides Urban Design Services Across Florida

City of Margate Comprehensive Plan

The Mellgren Planning Group is excited to work with the City of Margate
to update their comprehensive plan, focusing on the future land use element,
which establishes the City vision for the future.

The Mellgren Planning Group Florida City Projects

Manatee County NAP

The Mellgren Planning Group is proud to announce our team was selected to prepare a
Neighborhod Action Plan (NAP) within Manatee County. The plan will set the direction
for creating neighborhoods that focus on strength in human services, developing stronger
community relationships, defining neighborhood goals and issues, and achieving the
desired neighborhood priorities.

The Mellgren Planning Group Latest Project Information

City of Boynton Beach

The Mellgren Planning Group is pleased to announce our team was recently selected
to update the Community Standards Ordinance.